New Client Information

New Patient? What to Expect?

1) Verify Insurance: Call in or fill out the “contact us / schedule an appointment” form online and we will verify your insurance so that you know what your specific coverage provides for out of network specialists. We will call you within 24 hours with our findings.

2) Schedule: Once verified and explained, our front office staff will schedule your 1st visit with our physical therapists or pilates experts as requested. Please be prepared to spend 60-75 minutes at the clinic from start to finish.

3) Fill out forms: We will send you a copy of our forms so that you can fill them out in advance of your visit. If you would rather come in a few minutes early, then you may fill out the forms immediately before your appointment. Link to forms.

4) Initial evaluation: this visit will be one on one for an hour and will involve testing and evaluating, exploring your limitations, strengths, and weaknesses. We will establish goals for your progress together and identify markers for improvement. We will listen to you, help you identify your needs, goals and requirements for success.

5) Part of the initial visit includes the Initial Treatment: Although briefer than regular treatments because of the time spent evaluating, we still endeavor to make an immediate difference with mobility, pain and function at your first visit. We accomplish this through personalized treatment based on your findings. We often recommend that you follow up treatment with use of ice or heat at home.

6) Billing: We bill as out-of network providers. Your insurance will determine the % of your co-insurance. Once your deductible is met, we can often work with your co-insurance if special consideration is needed. 

7) Payment: We accept cash or check at time of service for your co-insurance. We accept Master, Visa, American Express and Discover cards. Credit card payments may be available with a 2.75% transaction fee.

8) Cash Discount: If your insurance does not reimburse out-of network providers, we offer a special cash discount payable at time of service in lieu of billing.  Details of our cash pricing can be found here.

Bring With You

1) New Client Forms filled out; or arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork in advance of the initial evaluation.
2) Insurance card, Prescription from your physician if you have it.
3) Appropriate clothing to expose the body part we will be evaluating. Shorts, tank top or sports bra, loose clothing to allow movement and palpation.
4) Athletic shoes for walking, exercise.