Welcome to Body Dynamic Physical Therapy

Our Philosophy: We help you achieve your goals for a body that is Dynamic.

We strive to achieve an immediate difference. Our Goal is 20% improvement in 3 visits.

Our Motto: Strong Core-Healthy Life!

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Body Dynamic Tip of the Week

Workstation Basics:

Be constantly aware of your posture throughout the day. Shoulder blades down and back. Think tall! Consider performing Workstation analysis. Call us at 408 402 3228 to make an appointment.

What makes Body Dynamic Unique

At Body Dynamic, treatment is tailored to meet the individual’s needs and move them quickly and efficiently toward meeting their goals, reaching a more dynamic body. Hands on, manual therapy, Pilates, Neuromuscular re-education, laser and kinesio tape are some of the featured techniques utilized for treatment.

We emphasize giving clients tools to help themselves and help prevent a recurrence of the problem they are seen for by addressing the entire body, especially the core, not just the “injured part”.

We look at FUNCTION, and how the client gets the job done. We want you to make your Body Dynamic.

1 HOUR, one to one with an experienced Physical Therapist.

Pilates Studio classes for fitness and physically challenged clients.

We bill insurance as out-of network providers.

Our Typical Client

Thank you so much for all you help and support when recovering from my surgery. I felt so happy with your professional work and I’m so glad to have met you.


Very unique Kinetic taping for a torn calf muscle. In one day my pain has subsided and the bruising is going away. Thank you Karen Woodbeck for being the greatest physical therapist in the world!!!


How can we help you?

Our mission is to achieve client balance from the ground up; support your goals, enhance your movement, give you the tools to make your body dynamic.

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