Welcome to Body Dynamic Physical Therapy

Our Philosophy: We help you achieve your goals for a body that is more Dynamic.

Our Goal is 20-30% improvement in the first 1-2 visits for most issues.

Our Motto: Strong Core-Healthy Life!

How can we help you?

Our mission is to achieve client balance from the ground up; support your goals, enhance your movement, give you the tools to make your body dynamic.

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Body Dynamic Tip of the Week

HIV Stigma and Hepatitis Awareness

July National Health Observances: HIV Stigma and Hepatitis Awareness : resources: health.gov

July 21st marks Zero HIV Stigma Day, spearheading a movement  to raise awareness and take action against HIV stigma, which reinforces and amplifies the HIV pandemic and related inequalities.

  • HIV stigma refers to irrational or negative attitudes, behaviors, and judgments towards people living with or at risk of HIV.
  • This day represents a movement to unite people, communities, and countries to help raise awareness about HIV stigma and learn about ways to help stop it.
  •  An important role can be played in reducing stigma and discrimination by offering support and speaking out to correct myths and stereotypes about HIV that you hear from others.
  • Learn to use the words that are empowering and not have a negative meaning. Get the facts, learn more and get involved.

World Hepatitis Day
Each year on July 28, the World Health Organization celebrates World Hepatitis Day as a time to raise awareness and understanding about viral hepatitis.

Hepatitis C is a serious liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). The most common way to get hepatitis C is by coming into contact with the blood of someone who has it. In the United States, people usually get hepatitis C by sharing needles. Everyone ages 18 to 79 needs to get tested for hepatitis C at least once.

Hepatitis B is a virus that spreads from person to person through blood, semen (cum), and fluids from the vagina. A mother with hepatitis B can also pass it to her baby at birth.

Some people who get hepatitis B can get rid of the virus. Others develop chronic (long-term) hepatitis B — a lifelong infection that can lead to liver disease, liver cancer, and even death.

The good news is there’s a vaccine (shot) to prevent hepatitis B.

To protect yourself and your family from hepatitis B:

  • Make sure your children get the hepatitis B vaccine — and ask your doctor if you need it
  • Get tested for hepatitis B if you’re pregnant or at risk for infection
  • Be safe when you travel to countries where hepatitis B is common

What makes Body Dynamic Unique

At Body Dynamic, treatment is tailored to meet the individual’s needs and move them quickly and efficiently toward meeting their goals, reaching a more dynamic body. Hands on, manual therapy, Pilates, Neuromuscular re-education, laser and kinesio tape are some of the featured techniques utilized for treatment.

We emphasize giving clients tools to help themselves and help prevent a recurrence of the problem they are seen for by addressing the entire body, especially the core, not just the “injured part”.

We look at FUNCTION, and how the client gets the job done. We want you to make your body more Dynamic.

1 HOUR, one to one with an experienced Physical Therapist.

Pilates Studio classes for fitness and physically challenged clients.

We bill insurance as out-of network providers.

Our Typical Client

I badly sprained my ankle and needed my ankle to heal before I left for a big trip so I decided to come see Karen. I was on crutches for about a week before seeing her and after only 2 visits I was walking without the crutches. After another 2 visits my ankle was able to completely bear weight and I was able to walk on uneven surfaces! Karen is absolutely amazing and she truly works magic!!


Thank you so much for all you help and support when recovering from my surgery. I felt so happy with your professional work and I’m so glad to have met you.


Very unique Kinetic taping for a torn calf muscle. In one day my pain has subsided and the bruising is going away. Thank you Karen Woodbeck for being the greatest physical therapist in the world!!!


How can we help you?

Our mission is to achieve client balance from the ground up; support your goals, enhance your movement, give you the tools to make your body more dynamic.

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